Norvan 14 Mk. II
Recreate, then innovate
The Arc’teryx Norvan 14 is a performance hydration vest for long distance trail running. Arc’teryx, like many companies will update products for the next seasons release based on customer satisfaction and product performance. Our project was to do exactly that. First we replicated the Arc’teryx bag as it is currently. We then produced a second bag with one updated feature.

*Branding used strictly for a student project
Partner Project - 2019 (3rd Year - Semester one)
Partner: Xavier Drysdale
Norvan 14
Design features of the trail running vest by Arc’teryx
Similar capacity products on the market
Pattern Development
Creating a pattern from an assembled product
Final Patterns
From working patterns to material markers
Component Sampling
Making sections of the bag to understand and practice construction
First Prototype
The complete bag with sample materials
Opportunity for Innovation
Research leading the design direction
Sketching and testing various ways of solving the problem
New Pocket Design
Benefits of the new features
Final Design
The complete trail running vest with the new pockets
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